Frequently Asked Questions

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How to start receiving trading signals

Register for a Signals Account, verify your email address and select the subscription you believe will suit you best.

How we pay for the monthly subscription?

We are using Stripe, a financial service company to process payments with safety and security. Based on the subscription package selected, you will be charged at the beginning of every month.

Can I use the signals to trade on my broker I have a trading account with?

IAbsolutely! You can trade with any online broker of your choice. AurelusPrime offers a signals subscription service and educational webinars under real time market conditions. We have carefully selected few brokers whom we believe they follow all regulatory rules based on their juristiction. The investor can decide with his/her own will which broker is most suitable to trade on. Complete the registration form and you will automatically start receiving our newsletters which you can find valuable information how AurelusPrime evaluates the brokers we are affiliated with.

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